Art House New Canaan
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What makes a town great? What makes a place iconic and special? The Art House is an exploration of these questions, focusing on the art of living. It seeks to present an arc of creativity unique to New Canaan, CT, and how we might develop this creativity going forward.

In 1907, sculptor Solon Borglum moved to the Silvermine area of New Canaan, and sparked the creation of what became one of America’s most famous art colonies. His barn became the locus of a story about how we create greatness through our relationships. The “Knockers Club” attracted top-level artists to spirited gatherings critiquing each other’s work. But, behind the discipline of improving their craft was the energy of their playfulness and style of living life to its fullest. The rural character of the area made it the perfect playground for creative and personal exploration. These were artists engaged in all forms of media, sharing each other’s talents with a welcoming communal spirit.  
The Art House is a regenerative project transforming the 1940's Post Office Depot into a collaborative center for creating mixed media art, ecology, and community.
Our History
We can trace this spirit to many qualities in New Canaan, CT, from the world famous modern house movement to having impromptu dances in the street. But, at its core was always the talent of generating creativity and community through very simple and resourceful means. The Art House seeks to reflect this core dynamic of generating life-well-lived through nature and simplicity.