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The core aim of The Art House is to regenerate vibrant life through our unique gifts of creativity. The ongoing mission of the Art House is threefold:

1. To restore the art community and art economy of New Canaan.
2. Regenerate the communal spirit that New Canaan so dearly remembers.
3. To bring gifts to the larger region by offering children the opportunity to develop through art.

The Art House will provide studio space for artists at a low rent, where they can create and sell their work to the public. The second part of the mission is that these artists will agree to provide art lessons and art immersion experiences to local kids: art in all its messy, glorious, hands-on involvement. Art is about getting your hands dirty, the feel of clay, the smell of paint, the splash of colors on paper. The Art House will provide these types of activities by bringing artists and kids together in a fun space. In addition to art lessons, there will also be collaborative projects to create public art. The Art House will not only reach out to artists and to kids, but to parents and other interested adults as well.

Rubicon Seven and the Rubicon Seven Foundation would like to thanks its partners in the creation of the Art House. The New Canaan Historical Society has worked tirelessly to ensure that the history of the building and the town are recognized as part of the project, providing images and expertise. Students from Norwalk Community College’s Art, Architecture + Design department, under Jacek Bigosinski, will be involved in the redesign of the space. 

​Contact Marcia Amidon Lusted for more information

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Art House New Canaan
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