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About Art House
Over a six-month period about two dozen people worked at transforming the Post Office Garage Depot from a forgotten space into a celebrated place that allowed for imagination to flourish. This never would have been possible without the strong friendships and camaraderie of all the talented people who participated. Every dimension of this process required the care and creativity of our team as we re-envisioned the essence of this 1930’s building.  
Restoring the art community and art economy of New Canaan...
Humble beginnings.
Opening up the doors after decades.
Roof repairs.
Laura Cassetti conceptualizing the space.
The beauty of the space.
Landscaping behind the building.
Creating a walkway.
The completed walkway.
The front of the Art House, October 2012.
Laura prepares art for hanging.
Laura and Doug preparing art.
Artwork in place.
Doug and Tedrowe show off their art hanging skills.
Laura with fragments of 1930s newspapers found in the building.
More artwork in place.
One of the newly-hung triptych banners.
Laura paints signs for the Christmas stroll.
Doug, Marcia, and Laura positioning a stencil for painting.
Marcia paints a stenciled quote onto the wall.
Tedrowe and Doug creating a clean floor space.
Opening the stencils for the wall quotes.
Tedrowe and Doug remove a stencil to reveal the finished quote.
Tedrowe and Lindsay removing a stencil.
Words of New Canaanites on the walls
Words expressing shared memories of New Canaan.
Tedrowe adds light to the room.
The work of NCC students on display.
More student work on display.
More reminiscences of New Canaan.
The front wall of the Art House.
The rear wall, with new windows overlooking new landscaping.
The original side entrance door.
What a wonderful crew Rubicon Seven, LLC and the Rubicon Seven Foundation, Inc. worked with on this project! To our partners/friends: Gracias, شكرا, Dziękuję, Grazie, शुक्रिया, hvala, אַ דאַנק, спасибо, Thank you! Especially:

The New Canaan Historical Society has worked tirelessly to bring to life the history of the town for this project, providing images and expertise. Specially, thank you to Janet Lindstrom and Vicki Ambrose for their guidance with research and their love for our project. 

Norwalk Community College’s Art, Architecture + Design department, under Jacek Bigosinski, held a phenomenal display of their work at the kick-off event. We look forward to our partnership in designing the building and land into a place for artists to thrive.

Pirie Architects have been involved with Rubicon Seven, LLC for a number of years and will be involved with the design of building. Specially, thanks to Laura Turlington for her imagination and creativity with helping to conceive our exhibit.

Austin Ganim Landscaping 
Caryn Kaufman Communications
Dinos Landscaping
Louis Painting
Marlin Electric
Nielson Carpentry
Romeo Construction